S2E16 Día de los Muertos: A Conversation with Laura Esparza from the Austin Parks and Recreation Department

Did you know the Austin Parks and Recreation Department (PARD) is also responsible for some of our historic cemeteries, museums and cultural centers? In today’s episode, Kathleen will talk with Laura Esparza, the Division Manager of the Museums and Cultural Programs Division for PARD.

Laura will tell us about some colorful history, details about important events around town, and a few ways we can stay engaged with our historic cemeteries and cultural programs year round.

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  1. It’s My Park Day: Volunteer registration for It’s My Park Day is in full swing! Will you join us and help a local park on Saturday, November 6th? Register for a project today by visiting austinparks.org/impd/!
  2. Zilker’s New Mini Train: Construction of the Zilker Eagle, the new mini train at Zilker Park, is happening now. Get the latest updates at zilkertrain.org!
  3. Volunteer With Us: Volunteer events are back and brought to you by Cap Metro! Check out Austin Parks Foundation’s event calendar for available volunteer opportunities in a park near you. We can’t wait to help our parks with y’all!
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  5. The Future of Zilker Park: Want to help shape the future of Zilker Park? Your opinion matters! Check out the Zilker Vision Plan and let your voice be heard.

Featured photo from the The Cultural Landscape Foundation