S1E8 Savvy Stewardship: Volunteerism as Critical Parks Care


In our final episode of Season 1, we’re talking about something near and dear to everyone at Austin Parks Foundation: volunteerism. Volunteer projects are critical to the health of our city’s park system. Coordinated efforts between park stewards and city staff can lead to incredible, positive outcomes in our city’s outdoor spaces.

We’re thrilled to have Barry Rivera, our Volunteer Manager at APF, facilitate this discussion. We’d like to thank our guests for joining us today including:

Jerry Levenson and David Todd – veteran park stewards, Patrick Chaiken from the City of Austin Park Ranger Program as well as James Duff from the City of Austin Wildlife Division.

Volunteer events are a core part of what we do at Austin Parks Foundation. In the midst of COVID-19, in-person volunteer events have been on pause as parks, trails and green spaces were seeing unprecedented use. A phrase we like to use is “over-loved.” As restrictions ease we hope to get you back out into the parks soon, so stay tuned on our website at austinparks.org/volunteer.

We’re excited for you to hear from our guests on the importance of volunteering. Check out the video version of this Park Summit Session at austinparks.org/summit!

Music & transitions provided by Honey Son. Check out his music on Spotify and YouTube!

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