S1E5 Parks for All: Promoting Equity in Austin’s Parks


In today’s episode, we’ll learn how the city and community partners are working to understand, uncover and address racial equity in Austin. Specifically, we’ll focus on our city’s parks, trails and green spaces. We invited a group of panelists to tackle tough but essential conversations about equity in Austin’s outdoor spaces.

We’ll hear about the goals and challenges of racial equity work, current initiatives, and why it’s so important for residents to be aware and engaged in this effort.

My co-host Kathleen will introduce the session then hand the reins to our guest host, Rocio Villalobos of the City of Austin Equity Office.

A huge thank you to our guests LaJuan Tucker from the Austin Parks and Recreation Department, Starla Simmons from the Steve Hicks School of Social Work at the University of Texas and Kellee Coleman from the City of Austin Equity Office. 

If you’d like to watch the livestream video of this Park Summit Session, head to austinparks.org/summit!

Music & transitions provided by Honey Son. Check out his music on Spotify and YouTube!

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