S1E3 Essential Spaces: Making Parks A Priority


In this episode, we’re taking you back to our Park Summit Session from June 17, 2020. This session is titled: Essential Spaces: Making Parks A Priority and focuses on the importance of parks and civic engagement in the time of COVID-19.

Our guests include Austin City Council Member Paige Ellis, Christine Chute Canul from the Austin Parks & Recreation Department as well as Austin Parks Foundation Staff.

My co-host Kathleen will introduce the Parks Summit Series and our guest speakers will tell you about themselves and their work. As a reminder, this session was originally in video format, you can view the presentations in the original livestream video at ausitnparks.org/summit!

Music & transitions provided by Honey Son. Check out his music on Spotify and YouTube!

The Austin ParksCast is a production of Austin Parks Foundation. Find out more information about our Parks Summit series, and the work we do to improve parks for every Austinite at austinparks.org.